Dipika Gupta :

You are girl, so approachable so sweet that one can raise a query for resolution with no hesitation. Keep up your excellent works , help others to look good , to be confident which in a way will pave your path for more success Goodwill. And ofcourse spread love with your beautiful smile and heart. Long way to go girl!

Jitcha Shivang :

Manisha is an extremely knowledgeable dietician and makes everything easy to understand. She provides individualized, personalized diet plans which are easy to follow. I started to feel better as soon as I followed her diet and the best thing about her is that she is accessible most of the time and you can freely ask her anything you want about your eating and she’ll help you. She also has a very good science foundation which can also help one to learn about food and nutrition for the long run.

Vaishali Deka :

I would like to thank Dt. Manisha for helping me with my diet and bringing changes to my lifestyle and motivating me.
I used to be sportsperson but have moved away from leading an active lifestyle due to personal and professional reasons.
Maintaining a family, professional and ideal weight would have been a challenge if not for the timely intervention of my dietitian Manisha. She has supported me in making the right decisions about food choices , diet and lifestyle issues. She have guided me and made me aware of the nutritional benefits of the daily food habits. Going reasonal and seasonal is her mantra and she customized each meal plan for me allowing for “Cheat days ” as well.
A big shout out for her who has motivated me , guided me and believing in me. I feel a lot for energetic and lively thanks to Dt. Manisha Gautam.

Amlan Dey :

It gives me immense happiness and pride to write a few words regarding Healthvilla, a complete diet management initiative by Dietician Manisha Gautam. This initiative gives us a complete solution to myriad of our problems. It’s a known fact that 80 percent of our disease originates from our digestive system and the food we consume. But this is where we are not aware as to what can be a healthy diet according to our age, work or health condition. This is where Healthvilla can be of immense help to provide us with diet planning. It is one of the first of its kind initiative in Assam and northeast India. I hope Ms. Manisha will become a known face very soon in providing us with a healthier society, given her scientific approach of getting things done and bright academic background.