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Ensure your healthy lifestyle through dietary plans

A healthy means of living is a journey achieved through regulations in the diet. Lifestyle management through a healthy diet is not only a positive approach to life by keeping you fit, but it is a path that distances you from diseases.   

A mission for a healthy way of living

Dt. Manisha Gautam is a young accomplished dietician considered to be among the best diet consultants in Guwahati. Armed with Bachelors in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics followed by a Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics, her practice has been expanding at a scorching pace backed by the happy and satisfied testimonials of her clients. A perfect blend of her hard work and her equivalent passion for Dietetics and Holistic Wellness has led her to where she stands today.

Having worked as a Dietician and Slimming manager earlier at various hospitals and Wellness Centers in the city, Dt. Manisha has been diligently working for quite a time in her clinic named “Healthvilla”. She believes in not just giving a diet but a lifestyle that lasts for a long time. Healthvilla accepts both online and offline consultation.

Happy Clients

“Your weight is a balancing act, calories are part of that equation and we will help you with the right numbers”

You are girl, so approachable so sweet that one can raise a query for resolution with no hesitation. Keep up your excellent works , help others to look good to be confident which in a way will pave your path for more success Goodwill. And ofcourse spread love with your beautiful smile and heart. 

Dipika Gupta

A complete diet management initiative by Dietician Manisha Gautam. This initiative gives us a complete solution to myriad of our problems. It’s a known fact that 80 percent of our disease originates from our digestive system and the food we consume. But this is where we are not aware as to what can be a healthy diet according to our age, work or health condition. 

Amlan Dey

I would like to thank Dt. Manisha for helping me with my diet and bringing changes to my lifestyle and motivating me. She has supported me in making the right decisions about food choices, diet and lifestyle issues. 

Vaishali Deka

She provides individualized, personalized diet plans which are easy to follow. I started to feel better as soon as I followed her diet and the best thing about her is that she is accessible most of the time and you can freely ask her anything you want about your eating and she’ll help you.

Jitcha Shivang

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of your plans?

We offer three basic plans: 45 days, 3 months, and 6 months

The plans include regular follow-up, weekly changes in dietary plans, and weight tracking.

Can we directly visit the office to get an appointment?

You can book your appointment through call, Watsapp, Instagram, and email.

Do you provide online services?

Yes, we do. All you need to do is book an appointment over a call or fill out an online form.

What is the duration of Office hours?

Monday – Saturday / 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM. However, Sundays are open for clients on special requests who come from far-off places.

Can we get services without any membership?

Yes, there is a one-time diet plan as well in which one standard diet plan is provided to the interested clients.

But apart from this, you have the three basic plans of 45 days, 3 months, and 6 months to choose from. 


What will be the involvement of Healthvilla?

Manisha supervises the meal plans of every program you sign up. The interaction is done on weekly basis and queries are welcome throughout the day. Scheduled meets and guidance over video call after prior appointments.


Get your desired healthy meal plans regularly without any hassle.


Keep a regular check on your diet and its subsequent impact on weight

Self-care and love

Pour some love into yourself by leading a healthy life with a healthy lifestyle

Building a healthy community

With a regular balanced meal and a good track of weight, let us lead the march to build a healthy community.

Each program is designed strategically, keeping every individual goals and requirements in conscience.

Make the Right  Choice Today!