about us

Healthvilla is an exclusive counselling and diet planning centre which envisions building a future where eating right and wholesome for
good health is valued by each individual. We believe that good food is fundamental to optimum individual health and well-being. Our team
of professional dietitians create food plans which are not only balanced but also delicious and suitable to all food palates. So discover a
whole new world of healthy food choices and improve your nutrition quotient with Healthvilla.
Healthvilla is dedicated to enabling a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle with an amazing management team which is profusely involved in
transforming the healing experience.

Our Mission

Improve knowledge over food and dietary choices within the population , educate the community in building a better and healthier society.

Our Vision

To be a part of Global and National initiatives in good health and well being , see ourselves successfully contributing in Nutrition and Public Health Care System

My Story

Dt. Manisha Gautam

Manisha Gautam is a young, accomplished dietitian and is one of the best diet consultants in Guwahati. Armed with a masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelors in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, her practice has been growing at a scorching pace backed by the happy and satisfied testimonials of her clients and her own hard work and passion for Dietetics and Holistic Wellness. Having worked in the past as a Dietitian and Slimming manager at various hospitals and Wellness Centers in the city, Manisha now has her own clinic “Healthvilla”. She believes in not just giving a diet but a lifestyle that will last forever.

About Our Consultation

We work globally across the States and countries from Guwahati, Assam. Our diet program and the meal plans are designed in such a manner that it varies from person to person and the place they live in and the availability of the food items in their region.

The appointment happen over phone , WhatsApp, Skype , Messenger as per your convenience. In local region we look forward to meet you at our office.

We keep your track of eating habits , daily activity,sleep and wake cycle , physical activities like exercise swimming etc. And for sportsperson we look after their goals to accomplish for particular sports and meeting the needs of the disease management patients. We educate you the effect of food in your health and well being.

How it works?

Learn How it Works!

Step 1

Body composition analysis

Conducting the body analysis for measuring aspects and parameters of your body. These helps us in developing a better understanding of your body, this helps us in preparing you to achieve your set targets according to the diet plan chosen by you.

Includes: Height, weight , Visceral fats , muscles , body testing metabolism , subcutaneous fats, BMI , and average goal to be achieved.

Step 2

Counselling session

In this process we understand you well and know you , focusing on physical and mental health . This process helps in motivating you , counselling you, guiding you. And the follow up is done. Weekly interactions and review of the meal plans.

Step 3

Creating diet plan

Creating diet plan that suits all the needs, understanding the lifestyle and your food habits and also the locally available foods and traditional foods. And this will help in creating the diet plan which will be practically easy to follow keep in consideration your food likes , dislikes and allergies. Meal plan support is provided for special occasions like work travels , holiday festivals , weddings etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Do you have office outside Guwahati ?

No. We work from our office in Guwahati , Assam

What will be the involvement of Manisha?

Manisha supervises the meal plans of every program you sign up. The interaction is done on weekly basis and queries are welcome throughout the day. Scheduled meets and guidance over video call after prior appointments.

How do I get started ?

Contact us on the given number or write over email and WhatsApp your queries.

Our team will get back to you and discuss how and where we can start .