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Perfectly Balanced Healthy Nutrition
Programs by Dt. Manisha Gautam


“Make a Right Change

in your Life Today”

Dt. Manisha Gautam


Healthvilla is an exclusive counselling and diet planning centre which envisions building a future where eating right and wholesome for
good health is valued by each individual. We believe that good food is fundamental to optimum individual health and well-being. Our team
of professional dietitians create food plans which are not only balanced but also delicious and suitable to all food palates. 


“Your weight is a balancing act, calories are part of that equation and we will help you with the right numbers”


Easy to follow
meal plans


Experimental diets which suits the body type


Complementary easy to follow recipes every week

Regular follow up and weight tracking

Long lasting results


Micronutrients based support


Each program is designed strategically, keeping every individual goals and requirements in conscience.

Women's Wellness

Child Nutrition and Growth

Weight Loss Plan


You are girl , so approachable so sweet that one can raise a query for resolution wid no hesitation. Keep up ur excellent works , help others to look good , to be confident which in a way will pave your path for more success Goodwill. And ofcourse spread luv wid ur beautiful smile n heart .long way to go girl.???

Dipika Gupta

Manisha is an extremely knowledgeable dietician and makes everything easy to understand. She provides individualized, personalized diet plans which are easy to follow. I started to feel better as soon as I followed her diet and the best thing about her is that she is accessible most of the time and you can freely ask her anything you want about your eating and she’ll help you. She also has a very good science foundation which can also help one to learn about food and nutrition for the long run..

Jitcha Shivang